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The Honest Company Eyes IPO

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Last year, Plum Organics became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Campbell Soup.

And the first to B-corp to be acquired by a publicly traded company.

Now, The Honest Company, founded by actress Jessica Alba, may become the first B-corp to have an Initial Public Offering.

What does the honest company do?

The Honest Company uses a subscription based model to deliver non-toxic, environmentally-friendly baby products monthly. Jessica has been named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company for this innovative approach.

From the beginning, the Honest Company was dedicated to producing a sustainable product, starting from the beginning with their suppliers.

How successful have they been already?

Here’s some quick stats:

  • recently revealed they have raised $70 million in a new Series C funding round.
  • valuation is roughly $1 billion
  • Annual revenue is likely to hit $150 million this year, 3 times that of 2013 (according to this article from the Wall Street Journal)
  • 80% of revenue is from their subscription service (also from the WSJ)

Here’s a recent video from the Wall Street Journal Live talking about Alba’s other “baby”, including a clip from an interview with Alba this past summer: