WellMoney’s aim is to help you grow your wealth by doing good.

It sounds impossibly rosy but it isn’t.

It’s practical idealism at its best.

If you want to create a more balanced world it’s also necessary.

We have to shift capital towards a regenerative economy.

It starts with my capital and yours.

It starts with questions.

How will I make a living?

Where will I spend my time and money?

In what will I invest?

You have come to the right place if you want to:

  • Keep people and the planet at the center of the economy
  • Use money to experience life to the fullest & to help others
  • Earn from your right livelihood
  • Choose with intention where your money and your time flows
  • Reduce your consumption and consume with care
  • Make Impact Investments of all kinds
  • Let those investments create a better future for you, your loved ones and the world

WellMoney’s is here to:

1. Find people who care about the future of the planet, society and their legacy

2. Meet you where ever you are in your journey of marrying money and meaning

3. Help you create wealth in ways that also support a more just and sustainable world

About Our Founder

Cynthia Jaggi Headshot-2Cynthia Jaggi, M.Sc. is advancing the idea that you can grow your wealth by doing good. She was formerly a Partner at the Inc 5000 Management Consulting firm Fitzgerald Analytics where clients included Fortune 500 companies primarily in the financial services sector. Later she co-founded a Social Sector practice at the firm, and chaired the Advisory Board on Client Data Management for Catholic Charities USA whose network administers more then $720 million in social services annually. Most recently she founded GatherWell, the Think + Do tank for Practical Idealists, and WellMoney, Personal Finance for Do-Gooders. She has contributed to top sites including Business Insider, Lean Impact, Idealist and and Living Cities.